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  • Accessibility and QR codes
    Source: Terta Logical

    Quick Response (QR) codes are graphics that can be scanned to direct people online to complete an action or find content. This blog post explores considerations and provides guidance for creating accessible experiences with QR codes.

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  • Accessible PowerPoints
    Source: Greate Lakes ADA Center

    Learn about creating accessible PowerPoint presentations that ensure information is accessible to individuals of all abilities

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  • Accessible Word Documents
    Source: Great Lakes ADA Center

    This presentation explores the key principles, techniques, and tools needed to make your documents accessible to all.

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  • Creating Accessible and Inclusive Presentations
    Source: Accessibility Talks

    The presentation covers accessibility definitions, standards, and guidelines and then shares practical tips and examples to help make presentation slide decks and presentations more accessible.

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  • How to check and fix PDF accessibility issues
    Source: PopeTech

    To check and fix PDF accessibility issues, you’ll need certain knowledge and tools. A common software is Adobe Acrobat Pro, which has all the tools needed to make a PDF accessible. In this article, we’ll review the tools and steps you can take with Adobe Acrobat Pro to check and fix PDF accessibility issues.

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  • Why GOV.UK content should be published in HTML and not PDF
    Source: GOV.UK: Government Digital Service

    PDFs are harder to find, use, and maintain. More importantly, unless created with sufficient care PDFs can often be bad for accessibility and rarely comply with open standards.

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  • Word and PowerPoint Accessibility Evaluation Guide
    Source: WebAIM

    A guide to automated and manual checks for Word and PowerPoint. 

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  • Your eight-step PDF accessibility checklist
    Source: Deque

    In this article, you’ll get a brief overview of what PDF accessibility is and why it’s so important. We’ll also provide you with an easy, eight-step checklist that you can use to help ensure your PDFs are fully accessible.

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