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1. Learn the Basics

These fundamentals of digital accessibility and the requirements and guidelines ensure all digital content can be accessed, navigated, and understood by all. Learn the why and how to remove barriers to digital content.

What is Digital Accessibility?

Learn why digital content and technology that is accessible, navigatable, and understood by all people benefits everyone.

Core Concepts

These core concepts address a majority of the barriers to digital content and technology. Review these concepts to improve the accessibility of your digital content.


These policies provide the standards for creating accessible digital content and technology.

2. Take the Assessment

Digital Accessibility assessment is required and must be completed yearly per university policy.

The assessment covers core concepts, policies, and your responsibility with digital accessibility.

3. Use the Resources

We’ve curated these testing tools and guides along with the core concepts to help you bring accessible content to every WSU student, faculty, staff, and visitor.

Core Concepts

Refer back to these core concepts to fix the barriers to your digital content and technology. Use the checklists and resources to improve the accessibility of your digital content.

Testing Tools

Always test your digital content for accessibility issues. Become familiar with testing your particular content type.


These guides provide more information to help you when addressing the accessibility of digital content and technology.

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We are here to support one another and make our digital content and technology accessible.

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