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Fiscal Health | Washington State University

WSU Spokane response

Fall 2017

Dear Campus Community,

Most of you are aware of the directive by President Schulz asking each unit within WSU to reduce spending by 2.5 percent for the current fiscal year and the next two fiscal years. It will be a challenge to reduce spending while continuing the excellent work we do on campus. However, it is a challenge that I believe we are capable of handling quite well.

The campus and college leadership teams have constructed an approach to increase revenues where possible and decrease expenditures where prudent. We are actively exploring means of increasing revenue. We will also be implementing measures to decrease expenditures by not filling some of the positions that are currently vacant. In some cases, that may require rethinking our work processes. This will also enable us to meet the expectation that we only fill positions essential to the University.

As the president has pointed out, a great deal of the budget at WSU is for personnel, and the same is true on this campus.

This is an amazingly accomplished community of faculty, staff and students with excellent academic leadership. The research portfolio continues to grow and expand, as does the doctoral research student population. The campus has hit its stride with undergraduate degree programs, professional degree programs, and the evolution of our student-centered facilities on campus. I am excited for our future.

As we move forward, leadership is committed to aligning our campus for efficient excellence in all areas. I appreciate your understanding in this challenging time and welcome your comments and questions.


Daryll B. DeWald
WSU Health Sciences Spokane