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Fiscal Health | Washington State University

Office of the President response

Fall 2017

Area 22, the President’s Area, has an expenditure reduction of $195.6 K, across all the units. The units included here are: WSU Budget Office, WSU OEO/Compliance, WSU Human Resource Services, WSU Internal Audit, WSU President’s Office, and the WSU Office of the State Attorney General.

Each unit leader is aware of the reduction target for their unit and all have discussed their plans for achieving their target with the WSU Chief Budget Officer.

Across all units, the primary steps to achieve the reductions will be:

  • Holding vacant positions open as long as possible without affecting services
  • Consolidation of position duties/redistributing work responsibilities, where possible, to eliminate vacant positions
  • Reducing travel expenses by using in-house or on-line training or by using WSU AMS/conference calls to attend meetings at a distance

Joan S. King
AVP and Chief University Budget Officer