Nolan Thomaswick

Campus Involvement

  • Carson College of Business
  • Accounting
  • WSU Global
  • Toledo, Ohio


President of the Associated Students of WSU Global; chair of the ASWSU Global Resource Allocation and Accountability Committee; student ambassador for WSU Global Connections; artist educator at CATCO theatre company in Columbus, Ohio; member of Beta Alpha Psi

Favorite WSU experience

My favorite memories are interacting with my fellow ASWSU Global members and advisers, the people who are taking an active part in this community. It’s been a blast to get to partake in student government with a team where we actually formed friendships with each other, and I got to kind of cross the screen. It can be hard to get students involved sometimes but, when they are, it’s a lot of fun. Those are the people I’m going to remember, the experiences I’m going to remember. It really enhanced my experience at the Global Campus. And our plans for the Global Campus commencement are shaping up to be really cool. It’ll be in-person in Seattle at a lodge, and it’ll also be available for people to attend virtually. We’re also going to a Seattle Mariners game afterwards. I’m proud of the part I played in organizing it. We had a really good team.

Future plans

I have an upcoming internship with KPMG International Limited, one of the Big Four accounting organizations. Eventually I’d like to be a commander of my own time. It would be nice if I could become involved in animal sanctuary work since I’m really passionate about that, too.