Aydan Garland-Miner

Community Service

  • College of Arts and Sciences, Murrow College of Communication
  • Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; Journalism and Media Production
  • WSU Pullman
  • Bow, Washington


President and founder of PERIOD at WSU; Northwest regional lead for PERIOD in Portland, Oregon; social justice peer educator for the WSU Office of Outreach and Education; co-founder of Washington State for Menstrual Equity Coalition; Washington State Free the Period campaign lead; lead rally organizer for National Period Day 2019; Coalition of Women Students; Gender Inclusion and Trans Support work group; media team member at YMCA Orcas Island; graphic designer for the League of Women Voters in Bellingham, Washington; the Daily Evergreen

Favorite WSU experience

My favorite part of my experience at WSU has to be the relationships I’ve cultivated, whether it be with my professors or my peers. Many a time have I spent the afternoon talking to my closest mentors about music, books, our greatest joys, challenges, and so on. I’ve also made lifelong friendships here, and for that, I am forever grateful. My time at WSU wouldn’t be the same without the people I’ve been lucky enough to have by my side.

Future plans

I am planning on spending the next year with my family, continuing to study the piano, and working for PERIOD. I am also currently applying for a job in the AmeriCorps so I’m looking forward to potentially doing that as well.