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Drive to Twenty Five National Academy membership plan

National Academy membership plan (draft)

2030 goal

Increase the number of WSU faculty who are National Academy members



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  • Increasing the number of national academy members is a key component of elevating WSU’s reputation
    • One WSU faculty member—M. Kariuki Njenga, elected to the National Academy of Medicine in fall 2017—has been elected to one of the national academies (National Academy of Engineering, National Academy of Sciences, and National Academy of Medicine) during the past 10 years
Overarching strategy
  • Identify 10 to 15 high-performing faculty members on trajectories toward the national academies and provide appropriate levels of institutional support to continue their progress
    • Examples of institutional support: reduced teaching loads, endowed positions, discretionary research funds, mentoring
Recommended key activities
  • Involve the president, provost, vice president for research, vice provost for faculty development and recognition, and current WSU members of the National Academies in formulating recommendations
  • Increase institutional support for assembling competitive nominations for the Washington Academy of Sciences—a great start toward a national academies nomination
Expected outcomes
  • The University will increase the number of faculty who are members of National Academies to meet or surpass the levels of the #25 ranked public research university
    • The #25 overall public research university in the 2016 CMUP report, the University of Utah, had 23 National Academy members
    • Public research universities in the top 25 overall category in the 2016 CMUP rankings had between 13 (Michigan State) and 230 (UC Berkeley) National Academy members

Working group members


Kirk Schulz
Office of the President

Committee members

Guy Palmer
Allen School for Global Animal Health

Terry McElwain
Allen School for Global Animal Health

Anjan Bose
School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Jim Cook
Department of Plant Pathology (professor emeritus)

Dan Bernardo
Office of the Provost

Chris Keane
Office of Research