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Breathtaking Sights

National Geographic once dubbed the region “a paradise called the Palouse”

Magnificent landscapes

Rolling wheat fields, surging waters, and distant mountains form the backdrop of life in and around Pullman. From the crest of nearby Kamiak Butte (photo below), a lush panorama stretches all the way to the horizon.


4 spectacular seasons

There’s a quiet gentleness to the weather here. You’ll welcome the shifting rhythms of warmth, light, and color.

  • Glorious spring: Pullman enjoys more sunny days than Seattle—and far less rain.
  • Comfortable summer: Enjoy warm, sunny days and clear, cool nights—without sticky humidity.
  • Crisp autumn: Pullman weather is pleasantly dry and clear during most months of the year.
  • Enchanting winter: In January, daily temperatures typically range from the low 20s to the low 30s.

“My favorite thing about Pullman is the summer months. I do not believe there is a better place to spend summer. The weather is perfect for outdoor living—without bugs.”

—J.J. Oliver, director of stewardship, WSU Foundation

Small-town charm

Take a walk down Pullman’s bustling Main Street. With clean sidewalks, colorful awnings, and family-run shops, it’s the ideal hub of the American small town.

  • A colorful mural lights up Pullman’s Pine Street Plaza.
  • Cyclists of all ages fill the streets during the annual Tour De Lentil 5k.
  • Fresh flowers greet customers outside a Main Street storefront.
  • It’s a parade! The WSU marching band draws a crowd downtown.

A photographer’s dream

The colors and contours of the Palouse landscape attract photographers from around the world. Light dances across the canyon in Palouse Falls State Park, pictured below. Take a look at some memorable shots from around the area.

Share your own photos

Post your own photos of the region on Instagram and Twitter. While you’re there, check out the many photos taken by others in and around Pullman.


Ready for some fun?

Headliner entertainment, mouth-watering menus, and exhilarating recreation wait just beyond your doorstep.