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COVID-19 Testing

WSU is developing an expansive and welcoming in-person experience in fall 2021 that will let you connect with fellow Cougs as safely as possible.

COVID-19 Testing Program

Summer 2021 WSU Pullman COVID-19 Testing Program

Washington State University Pullman will not require COVID-19 arrival testing for students during the 2021 summer session. The Pullman summer session is being conducted predominately online, which significantly restricts any increase in new students to the campus and negates the need for the arrival testing that was used in spring 2021. Diagnostic testing, however, will remain available at Cougar Health Services throughout the summer. 

WSU will continue to require other public health and safety measures for those students who are new to or remain on the Pullman campus over the summer, including mandatory facial coverings, physical distancing, increased sanitization, a public health communications plan to address the behavioral health component of disease spread, and an application and/or  survey consisting of contact diaries to assess risk. 

This plan remains flexible to ensure that exposure data can be identified quickly, given the dynamic nature of the pandemic and associated changes in public health recommendations and standards. Designed to protect the health and safety of WSU students and employees, this plan will be under continuous evaluation by the WSU Testing, Attestation, and Contact Tracing (TACT) Committee and the Scientific Advisory Subcommittee. 

Student and employee testing will continue to be offered on the Pullman Campus through the remainder of the spring 2021 semester with hours of availability decreasing in April 2021. We do not anticipate a need for routine screening testing in Pullman for the fall of 2021. 

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