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Quick guide for electronic signatures

Many of our business processes are still paper-based, and during this time will not require an original signature to process.  For example, Accounts Payable will process an invoice for payment received via email from the expenditure authority, and will do the same for ETR processing.  See FAQs for additional information.

You may also find the quick guide below useful with regard to electronic signatures.

For those who do not have access to DocuSign or Adobe Pro, the following method works for documents between WSU departments, between WSU and students, and between WSU and non-university entities, as long as they are not on the Restricted List in BPPM 90.50.

Capture digitized signature

Scan or photograph an image of your signature, and save it to be attached as an image to PDFs.  Once attached to a document the following additional criteria must be met:

  • The digitally signed document must be sent as an attachment in an email message or other retainable technology;
  • Information is available that tends to validate that the email or other retainable technology was sent either by:
    • The individual whose signature is represented to be on the document; or
    • An individual authorized to send the email or other retainable technology transmitting the document;
  • The e-signed document must be retained in its entirety for WSU records; and
  • The transmittal document (for example, the transmittal email) must be retained for WSU records where possible.

Questions regarding electronic signatures as related to business processes can be directed to:

Refer to BPPM 90.50 and 90.51 for complete information.