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Fiscal Health | Washington State University

WSU exceeds first‑year fiscal health target

Washington State University’s 3‑year plan to erase a $30 million annual operating deficit is off to a strong start. The university reduced its deficit by $22 million, surpassing its fiscal year 2018 goal by $12 million.

The WSU fiscal health plan calls for a reduction in the operating deficit of more than $10 million per year. Preliminary figures show the WSU system decreased the annual shortfall in fiscal year 2018 through a combination of spending cuts and greater-than-expected revenue growth. Under the fiscal health plan, the university’s operating budget will be balanced by the end of the fiscal year 2020.

“Thanks to the hard work of both staff and … » More …

WSU athletics commits to balanced budget by 2023

Washington State University announced today that its athletics budget will be balanced in 5 years. This plan will be presented to the WSU Board of Regents on Friday, June 8 by Athletic Director Pat Chun and Chief University Budget Officer Joan King.

The effort relies on increasing revenue 27 percent by Fiscal Year 2023 while continuing to contain expenses. This approach will slow the rate of debt accumulation over the first 4 years, which is expected to reach a projected total of up to $85.1 million by FY 2022. Plans call for the program to achieve a balanced budget by FY 2023 with an anticipated $200,000 surplus.

The athletics department is committed to first getting its budget balanced, then building up reserves and finally repaying central … » More …

Status of the Strategic Research Investment Program and guidance for faculty hiring

Created in coordination with the Office of Research, the Provost, and the Budget Office, the following memo outlines a modified faculty hiring plan for the Strategic Research Investment Plan. Though this plan will delay some of the planned FY 2019 and 2020 faculty hires, it will provide the research projects with a credible path forward.

FROM: Daniel J. Bernardo, Provost and Executive Vice President
Christopher J. Keane, Vice President for Research
DATE: April 20, 2018
SUBJECT: Status of the Strategic Research Investment Program and Guidance for Faculty Hiring in Years 3-5 (FY 2019-2021)

As you know, the Strategic Research Investment Program (formerly known as … » More …

WSU releases 2017 financial report

Earlier this month, the Washington State University Board of Regents accepted the University’s financial report for the 2017 fiscal year. The 2017 financial report provides detailed information about WSU’s fiscal health and operations from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017.

During FY 2017, cash and investments declined as expenses exceeded revenue. This has been the trend over the last three fiscal years.  This decline, in conjunction with the effect of a change in accounting methods associated with long-term benefit plans, has caused a significant reduction in unrestricted net assets.

“The current rate of spending is not sustainable and further emphasizes the importance of the ongoing effort … » More …

New advisory committee to play instrumental role in university-level budget matters

By WSU President Kirk Schulz

As we continue to chart a course toward restoration of the University’s long-term fiscal health, I want you to know how much I value the suggestions and concerns all of you have shared to date regarding the budget.

Please know that your feedback is being heard and carefully considered by the entire University senior leadership team. The first priority in all of our conversations is to find ways to minimize the negative impact of our decisions on our students and employees while maintaining the momentum of several initiatives designed to advance our thriving statewide enterprise.

To ensure a system-wide … » More …

Website will serve as news hub for fiscal health effort

Faculty, Staff, and Students:

A new university website——has been created to keep our community informed and involved in the system-wide initiative to restore WSU’s fiscal health.

The website, which reflects President Schulz’s commitment to transparency, will provide regular updates about progress in the effort to reduce university expenditures and increase revenues. As a reminder, all areas of WSU are reducing expenditures by 2.5% this year, the first in a multiyear effort to balance expenditures and revenues.

The website includes a summary of WSU’s current budget challenge as well as the communications chancellors, vice presidents, and deans sent in October and November outlining their approach … » More …