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Your ideas and constructive criticism related to the Drive to 25 initiative is invited. In fact, it’s essential to our success. Achieving Top 25 stature truly requires an ongoing dialogue and the involvement of the entire WSU community.

So please share examples of Top 25-like WSU achievements, ideas about how we can better communicate our successes, and other thoughts, such as:

  • If you could make one change that would make WSU a top 25 by 2030, what would it be?
  • Is there a topic, research area, partner, or student success opportunity that you think WSU should be engaging but isn’t? What is it and why?
  • Imagine you had unlimited dollars to invest, and the only requirement was that you had to use the money to help WSU do a better job of fulfilling its land-grant mission of teaching, research, and engagement. How would you spend that money?

We look forward to publishing comments in this space. You may share your input anonymously. If you prefer to email your thoughts, please send them to

Note: Feedback of any nature is welcome. Comments regarding the Drive to 25 initiative will be published here. All other input will be forwarded separately to the Office of the President for consideration.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us! Your feedback is awaiting moderation.

Do more research into ways to enhance the student experience. What do students want to have provided for them? How can we better retain students? Reallocate funds to projects and RSOs that students say greatly enhance their experience at WSU, like the Student Entertainment Board and SEB concerts.

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If I could make on change: an investment and commitment to graduate education (financial and academic support). You cannot have a top 25 university without their research/teaching. Efforts are currently focused on undergrad success.
– Fund out libraries  no more journal cuts

– We need to track what jobs Ph.D. grads get  that is the real measurement of success for a Ph.D.

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How is WSU going to ensure diversity as it fills all these positions?
WSU needs to invest in research infrastructure – how to make strategic decisions to move money into research enterprise?

1. Need to invest in more scholarships for the “average” student. As an advisor, I see students get to their senior year and have to depart from WSU due to lack of finances.
a. Stop adding more programs for first year and give more money to existing programs.

2. A course developed for every stage would increase retention.

a. First year focus

b. Sophomore service

c. Junior planning for what’s next

d. Senior how to give back

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