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Your ideas and constructive criticism related to the Drive to 25 initiative is invited. In fact, it’s essential to our success. Achieving Top 25 stature truly requires an ongoing dialogue and the involvement of the entire WSU community.

So please share examples of Top 25-like WSU achievements, ideas about how we can better communicate our successes, and other thoughts, such as:

  • If you could make one change that would make WSU a top 25 by 2030, what would it be?
  • Is there a topic, research area, partner, or student success opportunity that you think WSU should be engaging but isn’t? What is it and why?
  • Imagine you had unlimited dollars to invest, and the only requirement was that you had to use the money to help WSU do a better job of fulfilling its land-grant mission of teaching, research, and engagement. How would you spend that money?

We look forward to publishing comments in this space. You may share your input anonymously. If you prefer to email your thoughts, please send them to

Note: Feedback of any nature is welcome. Comments regarding the Drive to 25 initiative will be published here. All other input will be forwarded separately to the Office of the President for consideration.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us! Your feedback is awaiting moderation.

President Schulz,

I am a graduate student from BSE dept. I was wondering how we are going to climb to top 25 without having access to diverse journals for our research? I believe this budget cut is not going to benefit us in regard to improving the quality of research to be able to move to the top 25 universities. Please consider this budget cut in athletics, not library.


A PhD candidate

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It is very important to support and move forward – not just maintain – a vibrant humanities presence and WSU. We have some great scholars – Matthew Sutton, for instance – but we have many who feel marginalized. Take advantage of enhancing and advancing medical ethics and medical humanities.

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As a new and young tenure-line assistance faculty member, I am concerned about the university and the College of Education emphasizing quantity of scholarship and grant-writing over quality of scholarship. This university and college needs to recognize and support high quality scholarship if it aims to be a top 25 public university.

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We have been hearing for months that a MATLAB Totally Academic Headcount site license is potentially in the works. This is a perfect example of a tool that has been available at every other school I have attended that isn’t available at WSU. Lack of access to industry standard engineering tools is a limiting factor in a Drive to 25. So, I have to decide whether to hire another undergrad for a semester of buy a MATLAB license, whereas MATLAB site licenses have been paid by overhead at other institutes.

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I agree with the audience member who said staff are not valued enough. Plus, I am civil service and like Dan said, we don’t really have a voice out there.