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Your ideas and constructive criticism related to the Drive to 25 initiative is invited. In fact, it’s essential to our success. Achieving Top 25 stature truly requires an ongoing dialogue and the involvement of the entire WSU community.

So please share examples of Top 25-like WSU achievements, ideas about how we can better communicate our successes, and other thoughts, such as:

  • If you could make one change that would make WSU a top 25 by 2030, what would it be?
  • Is there a topic, research area, partner, or student success opportunity that you think WSU should be engaging but isn’t? What is it and why?
  • Imagine you had unlimited dollars to invest, and the only requirement was that you had to use the money to help WSU do a better job of fulfilling its land-grant mission of teaching, research, and engagement. How would you spend that money?

We look forward to publishing comments in this space. You may share your input anonymously. If you prefer to email your thoughts, please send them to

Note: Feedback of any nature is welcome. Comments regarding the Drive to 25 initiative will be published here. All other input will be forwarded separately to the Office of the President for consideration.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us! Your feedback is awaiting moderation.

WSU has no enterprise-level backup and storage options for research labs. When I have served on NSF review panels and the reviewers look at data management plans, there are often snickers and sneers when a proposal says that the data will be backed up on a lab-managed server or lab-managed NAS. Unfortunately, everyone at WSU falls into that same boat because there is no university-wide data backup and storage facility. I try to do my best about honoring NIH and NSF data management practices by maintaining a high RAID level NAS device in my lab, but if my building caught fire, all my work would be lost. I could potentially go buy cloud space somewhere, but I’m not sure whether data that hasn’t been de-identified should be stored on a cloud storage account, leaving the same problem of having original data safe from drive failure, but not safe from catastrophe.

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The school needs to invest more in Engineering!!! When you walk in the hallways of College of Business or College of Veterinary Medicine, you will notice the disparity when you walk in the hallways of Sloan and Dana Hall. The research labs in EECS struggles with slow internet connectivity, which is also felt in some classrooms. A school on computers should be leading the pack on this or should have better IT infrastructure and connectivity. There is also lack of computer resources to run computationally expensive tasks, or if they do exist, are not easily accessible to students. I think the FIZ student lounge/main room card swipe access should be given to all students, so students can utilize anytime. It just becomes a waste of space at night when it could easily be a great place to study or work on projects. While the school has been redoing all the roads around the campus, the NE College Ave. road next to Dana and ETRL has just been neglected when it’s the closest road to the campus from the Visitors Center. WSU should invest more on robotics research. OSU built its robotics program in just 5 years or so. Robotics has many applications which makes it an interdisciplinary research area (business, agriculture, engineering, computer, etc.).

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If I had unlimited dollars to invest, I think I would get the Office of Commercialization to start patenting everything that crosses the threshold of their door and creating more programs to house, fund, and train startups. I think they have been hiring a lot more staff lately, so maybe this has already become a focus area with the new President. Most schools I have been at aggressively reach out to faculty and research scientists within the school to train them on the process of IP protection, licensing, and startups. The problem is that this is usually a losing venture until some of those start to pan out, but if I had unlimited dollars it would be the fastest way to ensure that WSU IP is utilized by WSU graduates to create WSU-alumni-driven businesses.

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Invest in the university’s Administrative & Finance Systems. This will result in hug efficiency gains which in turn will reduce cost. It will also allow more effective fiscal analyses to help the university leverage funds and be good stewards of stakeholder investments in WSU.

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It has been rumored that a variety of clubs in VCEA are losing their workspaces/club spaces and there is no clear plan for where their projects are going to be housed or whether they will be given space. This kind of action is a “club killer”. Almost every club needs space to meet, store project materials, conduct fabrication and experimentation, etc. If this policy of confiscating club space without plans for other (adequate) accommodations is carried out, I argue that this is a recipe for making the Drive to 25 a nonstarter from the standpoint of undergraduate education and undergraduate research. Though I haven’t been at WSU very long, the majority of the conversations I have had outside the classroom with alumni and graduating seniors have revolved around their club activities as some of the most challenging, most rewarding, and most instructional aspects of their education at WSU. If anything, the spaces, tools, funds, and advising for high-performing undergraduate clubs should be more supported institutionally, both as a conduit for experience on student resumes, job placement, and for demonstrating talent we would like to retain as graduate students.

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