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Your ideas and constructive criticism related to the Drive to 25 initiative is invited. In fact, it’s essential to our success. Achieving Top 25 stature truly requires an ongoing dialogue and the involvement of the entire WSU community.

So please share examples of Top 25-like WSU achievements, ideas about how we can better communicate our successes, and other thoughts, such as:

  • If you could make one change that would make WSU a top 25 by 2030, what would it be?
  • Is there a topic, research area, partner, or student success opportunity that you think WSU should be engaging but isn’t? What is it and why?
  • Imagine you had unlimited dollars to invest, and the only requirement was that you had to use the money to help WSU do a better job of fulfilling its land-grant mission of teaching, research, and engagement. How would you spend that money?

We look forward to publishing comments in this space. You may share your input anonymously. If you prefer to email your thoughts, please send them to

Note: Feedback of any nature is welcome. Comments regarding the Drive to 25 initiative will be published here. All other input will be forwarded separately to the Office of the President for consideration.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us! Your feedback is awaiting moderation.

LOVE the extension program for gardening! I’m from MN and I have been referencing your extension for years! My sister is a master gardener and she has WSU to thank for starting the program! I wish there was more that was coming from the program as I have seen less in the last year. Our MN extension program also references WSU and I’m sure it’s not just MN that looks to WSU either!!!

Thank you!

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I had the opportunity to visit your organic farm in Pullman and I have been following the Bread Lab work in Burlington/Mount Vernon. I can’t imagine a more compelling or relevant set of topics than those being addressed by your Cooperative Extension groups around the state. America has a food system problem and those organizations are doing an amazing job of getting us the data on how we should be changing how we grow and process our food. Please keep up this good work!

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I am from California and am so sorry my state and wonderful Universities have not afforded Californians of the valuable program available through your land-grant focus on Master Gardener resources. I have purchased and read numerous times Linda-Chalker Smith’s books and have learned so much. I am now taking the online Master Gardener program through OSU. I have learned much and have much still to learn. Thank you for making this possible. Please continue to provide support and belief in this very valuable resource for all of us. It touches more people than you could possibly realize.

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I came across the Drive to Twenty Five and thought I should take a look as I am a Washington State resident interested in WSU and environmental issues. In particular I am interested in the fact that WSU had been a leader in educating the public in environmentally responsible gardening and helping address the lack of food security for all households. So, I could not understand why none of these issues were used in the metrics for any university but WSU in particular. This is what makes WSU unique in my book. It was my understanding that WSU was a land grant university that should be focusing at least SOME time and money on educating the public on utilizing science based tools in their everyday lives. Personally I think the support of the Master Gardener program has been a huge success in accomplishing this. There is NO other science based sources for WA residents that is as accessible as the MG program. I would really hope, in fact I’d put a ton of that imaginary money into continuing to support its mission of teaching/educating and engaging the public in responsible, science based land use. Thanks, and good luck.

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I did not notice anything about Extension. Aren’t you a land grant university? In fact, didn’t the Master Gardener program start at WSU?
Shame on you!