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Drive to Twenty Five Faculty awards report

Faculty awards report

The objective of the Faculty Awards Drive to 25 Action Plan Team is to identify and help implement activities to create a culture of faculty recognition and to increase the number of WSU faculty earning recognition through national awards. The challenge is to change the institutional culture at WSU such that faculty across the University recognize the value that national awards bring individually and as an institution. In this report we outline the activities necessary to further advance a culture of recognition, increase award nominations, and ultimately increase the number of national awards at WSU.

  • Overall: Increase the number of WSU faculty earning recognition through national awards.
  • Faculty Award Action Plan Team: Develop a three year action plan to increase awards.
  • Increased recognition can bolster productivity.
  • Creating a culture of recognition supports faculty productivity and award nominations.
  • Increased awards are an important component to becoming a top 25 research university.

University level

  • Identify national awards, due dates, and share with WSU community.
  • Examine the best practices of the top 25 research universities to glean ideas related to increased faculty awards and recognition.
  • Develop and maintain a website related to faculty awards and recognition.
  • Develop, prioritize, and lead implementation of best practices to increase nominations for faculty awards.
  • Improve communication between colleges and provost offices to better identify current awardees, awards, and potential nominees.
  • Increase publicity about awards at all levels (college, campus, regional, and national).
  • Develop a strategic communications plan for awards with University Communications that includes awards received and awards available.
  • Assess and update Academic Showcase, including the WSU awards program, activities to support a culture of recognition and be a conduit for national recognition of faculty.
  • Collaborate with vice chancellors and academic directors at each campus to include campus specific needs and developing cultures related to faculty awards and recognition.
  • Create an organizational infrastructure to support faculty recognition and to provide a resource for deans, department chairs, and chancellors.

College level

  • Create award nominations committees in each college to identify discipline specific awards and potential faculty nominations.
  • Appoint a point of contact in each college to collaborate on faculty awards and devise a plan within the college to increase faculty recognition.
  • Include faculty recognition and awards nominations into chair, academic directors, and/or associate dean job descriptions and annual reviews as a way to support a culture of recognition.
  • Include recognition of faculty at all stages. Early career awards can be very prestigious and a pathway to mid and latter career recognition.
  • Identify current recipients of national awards to provide a baseline, build community, share best practices, and increase nominations.
  • Increase internal awards and recognition to effect change of culture toward faculty recognition.
  • Create pathways from department, college, university and disciplinary awards to national awards.
  • Increase in the number of national award nominations.
  • Identification of awards committees and points of contact in each college.
  • Prioritizes list of best practices related to awards and recognition.
  • 10% increase in nominations for national awards per year in 2018, 2019 and 2020.