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Drive to Twenty Five Uncategorized

Q & A with College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences (Sept. 27)

Medical school, interdisciplinary programs, extension and outreach, forestry, student fees, creamery, faculty leadership training, discretionary money for department heads

Audience member comment: I was glad to hear you address the medical school and that you’re doing collaborations with the other colleges. I think that’s a great thing. I wanted to say that right now we have a discovery team going out and meeting new alums. We’re hearing a lot about the medical school, because it’s one of our talking points for getting people involved and getting their feedback. I think they have to see themselves in it a little more, and one of the … » More …

Q & A with College of Arts and Sciences (Sept. 27)

Funding the Drive to 25, CAS funding, libraries, dean searches, evaluating graduate student success, staff salaries and support, graduate student stipends, and health insurance

Q: It’s going to be tough without some specific support from the legislature to make Drive to 25 happen. I wonder, if prior to announcing this to the world, you’ve had some conversations with the legislature that make you think some additional support might be forthcoming?

Kirk Schulz: Most of my discussions with legislators have been introductory in nature and talking about the medical school. As part of that conversation, though, I’ve talked about Drive to 25, and I’ve used … » More …