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Drive to Twenty Five Annual giving plan

Annual giving plan (draft)

2030 Goal

Increase annual private support to WSU


Annual giving

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Overarching strategies
  • Identify and implement metrics based on data captured from wealth and capacity screenings
  • Identify clear, aspirational goals benchmarked against peer institutions
Recommended key activities (still evolving)
  • Review the capacity of alumni and friends in the WSU Foundation’s database
  • Analyze gift transactions over the last 30 years to identify specific trends and areas of potential growth based on previous donor behavior
  • Identify strategic investment opportunities for growth rooted in data and focused on returns for that investment (Feb. 2018 completion projected)
  • Complete a thorough review of current WSU Foundation systems and processes to become more effective and efficient (Feb. 2018 completion projected)
Expected short-term outcomes
  • The WSU Foundation, and Advancement overall, will be poised, and armed with data, to launch a bold fundraising effort to support the Drive to 25
  • The WSU Foundation will have the ability to identify strategic initiatives, and deploy intellectual capital, which will increase annual giving
  • The WSU Foundation will complete a succinct strategic plan which will support the institutional strategic plan
  • The WSU Foundation seeks to raise more than $115M in private support in FY18

Working group members


Lisa Calvert