WSU Volunteer Vaccination Verification and Exemption Guidelines

Note: WSU units with volunteer groups with a previously established religious and medical accommodation process through local volunteer handbooks, policies etc., will have a separate process (e.g. 4-H, Master Gardener, etc.). Please contact for more information.

As directed by Governor Inslee’s Proclamation 21-14.1, all on-site volunteers for Washington State University (WSU) must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or have an approved medical exemption. Any current volunteer not in compliance after October 18, 2021 will be prohibited from volunteering at WSU. Any volunteer new to WSU after October 18, 2021 must provide proof of vaccination or have an approved medical exemption prior to assisting WSU.

Volunteers include individuals who volunteer their time to assist WSU departments in the conduct of official University activities without receiving wages. There are many scenarios for volunteer service to the University. The following examples/explanations are not meant to be exhaustive. Interns receiving class credit may be considered volunteers if the assigned duties benefit WSU and the interns do not receive payment for services rendered. A guest lecturer who is not being compensated would be considered a volunteer. Students performing duties for student clubs are not volunteers. 4-H volunteers are considered to be University volunteers because the University is required to provide 4-H programs. An employee performing the duties he or she is normally paid to perform is not a volunteer, however, an employee may volunteer for activities unrelated to normal job duties.

An “on-site volunteer” is defined as “a volunteer who is reasonably likely or contractually obligated to engage in or in fact engages in work while physically present at a building, facility, jobsite, project site, unit, or other defined area owned, leased, occupied by, or controlled by a State Agency, an operator of an Educational Setting, or an operator of a Health Care Setting.” This does not include “a volunteer who is reasonably likely or contractually obligated to engage in or in fact engages in work during which they are physically present at a site for only a short period of time and any moments of close physical proximity to others on site are fleeting. Examples include contractors delivering supplies by truck to a construction site where they remain physically distanced from others on the site or a driver for a contracted shipping and delivery service briefly entering a site to pick up parcels for shipping.”

Every WSU unit or event that will have volunteers present must designate a WSU employee to serve as a “volunteer coordinator.” The volunteer coordinator is responsible for verifying vaccination status, through visual confirmation, of each volunteer (either in person or virtually). The volunteer coordinator must maintain a roster of volunteers and indicate that vaccination status has been confirmed. The volunteer coordinator should not maintain any images or copies of vaccination records.

The following will be accepted as proof of vaccination:

  • A CDC vaccination card (which includes name of person vaccinated, type of vaccine provided, and date last dose administered), OR
  • A photo of a CDC vaccination card as a separate document or a photo of the attendee’s vaccine card stored on a phone or electronic device, OR
  • Documentation of vaccination from a health care provider or state immunization information system record

WSU will also allow for medical exemptions to this policy. If a volunteer needs a medical accommodation, they must fill out the medical accommodation form and contact Kiara Drake. Volunteers must then provide proof an approved accommodation to the volunteer coordinator.

NOTICE: It is illegal to submit fraudulent or counterfeit COVID-19 vaccine cards. Please see FBI Guidance. It is also illegal to claim an exemption or accommodation on false, misleading, or dishonest grounds.