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I am fully vaccinated. When can I return to WSU?

Evidence has shown many people develop COVID-like symptoms after their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and that these symptoms may last a few days. As previously stated in the Vaccine Guidelines, vaccinated students and faculty previously required to participate in COVID-19 testing are exempted from additional testing 14 days after receiving their second dose provided they remain asymptomatic. This exemption may be revoked or modified at any time and applies for the vaccine’s protective duration as determined by the FDA, CDC, and/or DOH.

While students, faculty, and staff are not required to isolate/quarantine post-vaccination, all must continue to meet attestation requirements and not enter WSU location while experiencing COVID-like symptoms. As soon as symptoms attributable to the vaccination clear (symptoms that appeared within 48 hours of vaccination, and are not associated with a COVID-19 exposure (i.e. close contact)), faculty, staff, and students may to return to a WSU location, while adhering to attestation, distancing, and face covering requirements. Common symptoms following vaccination include fever, chills, tiredness, and headache.

Anyone developing COVID-like symptoms more than 48 hours after vaccination must avoid reporting to a WSU location, and should contact their healthcare provider for evaluation, and adhere to their healthcare provider’s recommendations before returning to a WSU location.

Fully vaccinated faculty, staff, and students (14 days following their prescribed vaccine regimen) may return to a WSU location after a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 exposure, provided that they are within the vaccine’s efficacious period (currently 90 days) as determined by the FDA and clinical trials and remain asymptomatic.